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How to Become a Digital Recording Artist Pop A Lot Required Education Pop A Lot A background in music is very important to get a career in digital recording. A qualification in music or recording arts isn't necessary, yet it's helpful, whether or not it's on the 2-year, 4-year or graduate level. In addition there are recording arts schools, where students can gain studio room experience and assist instructors that have expertise in the. Classes focus on mixing and editing music and producing sound files, commercial production, digital audio, sound synthesis, sound studio projects and audio technology basics. Skills Required Pop-A-Lot The ability to sing or play a guitar, as well as a sense of timing and rhythm, are crucial skills for recording artists. They need to likewise be able to learn written music and still have good pitch. Communication, computer, interpersonal and promotional skills may also be helpful, combined with the power to compose music and finished recording and production tasks in a timely manner.