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Sports & Wellness Centre

Galactica Sports and Wellness Centre has been one of the TOP 3 centres in Slovenia since 2011.Following an assessment by an expert committee, it received an award from RTV Slovenia from the category of residential centres for “BEST WELLNESS” The centre is an official Les Mills licensed centre and it is connected to a global network of top sports centres.


The Velenje Sports Park started in the immediate vicinity of Lake Velenje and Lake Škale, near a well known city promenade. The Park includes track-and-field and football stadiums, a golf-training course, running routes anyway around the lakes and huge public and private car parks. A free of charge city bus runs towards the Sports Park.

Galactica is ideally at the entrance to the Park. Your entire concept of the Sports Park located life with Galactica, which is the sports and entertainment centre to the city and its surroundings.

Galactica is a the heart of the Sports Park, attracting national and also other sports teams and providing professional teams with comprehensive care. spa Reception Desk

The entrance to Galactica leaves a great first impression. The elegantly furnished reception room is often a place where guests meet, make amends for their news, order services and arrange visits or just relax after a hard workout.

Galactica includes sports and wellness services located onthreefloors.Variousworkouts(BodyPump,BodyAttack, Pilates, Yoga, TNZ (Belly, Butt & Thighs) FitBall, HIT, CrossBody, Galactica Junior, etc.) guided by highly qualified fitness instructors take place in two halls.

On the floor floor, there is a large hall useful for the most popular guided workouts. The air-conditioned room is fully equipped, while light effects and a very good sound system make the workouts much more interesting.


The 250 m2 gym is equipped with top Life Home gym equipment, one of the best brands out there. The view of the forests and golf-training course represents an ideal natural setting for indoor workouts in winter and in summer, when it's hot outside.

The fitness center contains exercise equipment for many body parts as well as a variety of cardio machines - treadmills, bicycles, elliptical exercise machines and the like. The gym also includes Kinesis, a special system of cables useful for working on a very massive amount muscle groups.

The entire facility is fully air-conditioned and contains three separate air-conditioning units.

All sports halls have modern changing rooms with showers and electronic motion control through the entire facility. welness Saunas

For the first floor, visitors can savor the relaxing atmosphere in the Galactica Sauna World.

The Sauna World is made up of Finnish sauna with old wood, bio sauna with herbs, Turkish peeling sauna for skin cleansing with scented salts plus an aroma steam sauna. Additionally, it has Kneipp baths, a cooling relaxation pool, showers, an ice fountain and heated seats for relaxation and temperature adjustment. slovenia Resting areas are separated into segments, allowing for a top degree of privacy.

Massage Salons

The top floor is home to the other exercise hall and also to Charm Thai, an enormous amount of massages and beauty experiences. Thai massage and classic massage are kept in four salons, while beauticians inside the beauty salon pamper their guests with well-being and health services. The treatments include cavitation, lymphatic drainage, diamond peels, etc.

The Charm Thai area of Galactica comprises two massage salons. The initial has double massage tables for traditional Thai massage and then for classic relaxing massage, enabling couples massage, whilst the second one offers classic Thai relaxing massage. Each salon carries a shower and a terrace, where certain methods are carried out in summer (Thai massage within a tent, etc.).

Cosmetic salons

Two modern beauty salons, tastefully furnished within a warm Middle East style, offer pedicures, manicures, body care, diamond peels, cavitation, eyebrow and eyelash shaping and other beauty treatments.

Space Bar

Space BarSpace Bar on the floor floor has probably the most beautiful terraces in Slovenia, providing guests with relaxation on teak wood surrounded by a decorative pool.

The lining is furnished within an exclusive style. The chandelier in Space Bar is a hand-made masterpiece of design by Luigi Fornasier, renowned artist from Murano. It's uniquely made and so cannot be replicated.

In the wintertime, the covered the main terrace is heated with electric heating tables and guarded against the wind, while a bar counter is put into the outer part in summer for outdoor parties and daily events around the terraces.

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